About the European Medical Journal

The European Medical Journal delivers quality peer-reviewed open access journals to a database of more than 300,000 physicians, doctors, GPs, and other medical professionals. The journals themselves are either split into two volumes, covering congress highlights and peer-reviewed articles separately, or merged as one publication. They provide highlights of their relevant European congresses, as well as including breaking news, results of the latest clinical trials, upcoming events, product listings, and access to the major updates in the field; all issues are free of charge.

The eJournals, are freely available and accessible to our online community to read and share, they review the leading European congress within the specific therapeutic area, which are supported by our internationally renowned Editorial Board members.

Our journals are published shortly after each congress, and are a must-read for physicians who were unable to attend the congress and a great reference for those who simply did not have a chance to take everything in whilst attending. Through this congress coverage, along with all the supporting editorial content – inclusive of related articles and news stories – EMJ serves to help with the unmet educational needs of physicians across Europe.


The European Medical Journal spans across 17 different therapeutic areas: