Panel discussion

Round table discussion on data featuring four KOLs. This format will allow the free discussion and review of the latest treatment developments by experts, and give robust evidence for treatment strategies in patient management.

Expert interview

Studio interview with a selected expert. This would be a short 5 minute interview focusing on selected questions to enable a structured discussion.



Webcasts are designed to provide the most current news in research and treatments from leaders in their field. View on-demand sessions from experts at different conferences all over the world.

Congress highlights

Edited ‘highlights’ of the key data with a chosen KOL; issues and insights discussed at the conference, with focus on the treatment and management of patients, and current treatment strategies for both initial and long-term management.

Meet the PI interview

The Principle investigator would take part in a 5-10 minute interview, joined by other key experts from the trial to discuss the latest data. The discussion of the data will aid those involved in treating patients to assess the possible outcome when reaching a key decision point in a patient’s management.

Guidelines in practice interview

Expert-to-expert interview on the latest guidelines and recommendations for the treatment and management of patients and how these will impact/alter current clinical practice.

Videos (72dpi)